Leave No Trace Overnight Field Trip

Sign up to supply food or materials for our trip here.

**NOTE** – The parent meeting date was wrong in the first Newsletter. The correct meeting day will be Tuesday, September 2nd @ 5:30.

**Attention** – I am in need of parent chaperones and drivers.

We will be participating in the Leave No Trace overnight field trip on Thursday-Friday, September 11-12. We will need parent chaperones for at least 4 boy’s cabins and 3 girl’s cabins. We will also need parents willing to plan an prepare dinner and breakfast needs. In addition we will need parent drivers (Probably the same as cabin parents.)

We will have a parent planning meeting on Tuesday, September 2nd @ 5:30.

We will be participating in the KNWR educational program out at the Outdoor Education Center at the end of Swanson River Road. Students will also be shuttled by parent drivers to an area hiking trail to prepare and eat their One-Pot-Meal.

There is no cost associated with this field trip other than efforts made for food and by parent drivers.

I will be sending home additional information about this trip and posting more here soon, so check back and look for further information in Thursday Folders.

If you wish to participate as a volunteer fo any field trip this year, please fill out a Driver Form and the District required Background Check in addition to the volunteer form for this trip. Do not wait until the last minute to complete these forms, or you may not be able to participate.

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