Welcome & Welcome Back

Another school year is upon us, and it looks like it is going to be another GREAT one!

As always we are saddened by the departure of our 6th graders from last year and the class will seem very different without their presence.  So we say good luck to: Shannon, Spencer, Quai, Morgan, Trenton, Logan, Jeremiah and Z-bo (Alex). We miss you and hope you do wonderfully in middle school.  Lets not forget our other alumni.  We wish you well too.  Even those of you now in High school, and …Gulp… entering college/the work force. (Wow!  I still cannot believe I am be saying that!)  We also will be missing Adrienne, and Connor, who will be in other classes this school year.

However, we are thrilled to have our new incoming 4th graders: Lirissa, Isaac, Deano, Blaze, Malaina, Jaden, Nolan and Sean.  They will be a wonderful working addition to the class.  There will be some growing pains, but soon our 4th graders will be like a good right arm to each of us.  We also have a new 5th grader named Kate who will be joining us.  She already knows many of our students so she is kind of already part of the class.

Again…Welcome and Welcome back!  I hope you are as excited for this school year as I am.

Mr. D.