Personal Projects (Now Overdue)

Each Year I assign a first project of the year called a “Personal Project.”  This projects is a short research project for students to work on in the first few weeks of school, in order to get their feet wet. Students may choose any topic they are interested in, as long as it isn’t a topic of research they have completed in another class or grade.  Their topic must be approved my the teacher prior to beginning.  There is a timeline for completion, and some of the work will need to to take place outside of school.

Students may choose a Poster Project OR a PowerPoint Project.  They may not do both.  They may not switch after declaring their project type.  Students must use the rubric as they work on their project to assess their work performance prior to turning it in.  By using the rubric, students should be able to anticipate what score they will recieve from the teacher.  All students should be able to attain a high score by meeting the criteria on the rubric.  They may get assistance from peers OR adults, but adults may not complete the project for the student.

Time Line:

Assigned: 8/21/2014 (Thursday)
Due 8/29/2014 (Friday)


Below are the rubrics for our beginning of the year personal projects.