Twitter for Mr. D’s Class


I’m tweeting!  Yes, it is a  big stretch for me, but I’m attempting to get the social media portion of technology incorporated into my instruction.

Really all I am doing is tweeting posts from the class blog.

BUT, the tweets ARE important.  I may not tweet everything, (You can thank me later.) but I will be tweeting the following things regularly:

  • Weekly Assignments Post
  • Course 1 Math Class Post
  • Field Trip Info
  • Project Assignment Details (Rubrics, Guidelines, Instructions, etc.)
  • Last Minute Reminders

If you are a Twitter user, (Which I am not.)  You may want to follow me @mrdevolld (My awesome twitter handle)  to get these updates on your smart phone.  Of course you do not have to follow, it is just a small service for those who might like twitter updates.

I am toying with the idea of dabbling in Instagram and creating a class Facebook page. (This may not happen, but we will see.)