February Prompts

Feb. 1 – Tell a story about a time you made a snowman.

Feb. 2 – Explain what kind of driver you would be if you could drive right now.  Give details that prove it.

Feb. 3 – What is your best argument for having sweets at school?  Write a paragraph convincing the principal why they should be allowed.

Feb. 4 – What is your favorite thing to study in science?  Tell why you like it and what makes it so interesting.

Feb. 5 – If you could change something about your friend, what would it be and why?… if your friend is perfect, tell what makes them that way to you.

Feb. 6 – Explain the best way to clean your room.  Provide details of how you go about getting the job done.

Feb. 7 – Write your argument FOR or AGAINST reclining chairs for students at school.

Feb. 8 – Make a list of the 20 most interesting words you know.

Feb. 9 – If you could own an exotic(Look It Up) pet, what pet would you want to own and why?

Feb. 10 – Tell a made up story about a kindergartner and his/her crayons.

Feb. 11 – According to Confucius, “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.”  What do you think that means and how do you think that applies to you?

Feb. 12 – Explain how you go about catching a fish.

Feb. 13 – Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, what are you most excited about, what are you least excited about, how do you like to celebrate this holiday?  If you do not celebrate Valentines day, tell a story about how a dog  and a cat became friends.

Feb. 14 – It’s Valentine’s Day!  Take a day off of journals.

Feb. 15 – What happens to you when you eat too much candy?  How long does it take you to get back to being normal?

Feb. 16 – Give three examples of how your teacher helps you.  Give one more way they could help you that they don’t already.

Feb. 17 – What is your favorite food and why?  Tell when and where you enjoy it, and how many times you eat it each year.

Feb. 18 – According to Henry Ford, the automobile manufacturer, “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off the goal.”  What do you think that means and when have you overcome an obstacle to meet a goal?

Feb. 19 – Compare your family to a type of cookie. Is it crumbly and crusty or warm, ooey and gooey; an oreo, chocolate chip or snickerdoodle. Is it homemade or packaged?  Think about it an make your choice and explain how your family is like the cookie you chose.

Feb. 20 – What is your favorite thing about winter? Give three reason/examples that help us understand why it is your favorite thing.

Feb. 21 – Tell a story about a time when you had to wait.   Did you show patience?  What could have helped you be more patient?

Feb. 23 – What color best expresses your personality?   Explain how it is representative of you.

Feb. 24 – Write a paragraph to persuade your parents to let you have a friend over.  Be sure to include important reasons and evidence.

Feb. 25 – What is the best thing about your class?  Why do you like it so much?

Feb. 26 – Make a list of 20 things you would like to do when you are older.

Feb. 27 – Explain how you think a printer works with out researching.  Make up words if you have to, but you may not use any form of the word “Thing” or “Thingy.”  When you are done writing, do a quick search online and see how someone else explained it.

Feb. 28 – Why is living in Alaska so _______________________?  You fill in the blank and then write a paragraph answering the question and explaining why you think what you think.

Feb. 29 – Today is the leap day for a leap year.  Research what a leap year is and explain it in a paragraph.  OR   Explain how you can calculate if a year is a leap year or is not a leap year and give an example.

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