April Prompts

April 1 – Tell a story about a time you encountered a moose, if you have not, tell what you might do if you had a moose “encounter.”

April 2 – Explain what kind of ninja you would be if you could be a ninja right now.  Give details that prove it.

April 3 – What is your best argument for having only dessert for dinner?  Write a paragraph convincing your family why it should be allowed.

April 4 – What is your favorite thing to work on in math?  Tell why you like it and what makes it better than other math.

April 5 – If you could change something about your room, what would it be and why?… if your room is perfect, tell what makes it that way to you.

April 6 – Explain the best way to build a snowman.  Provide details of how you go about getting the job done.

April 7 – Write your argument FOR or AGAINST longer recess at school.

April 8 – Make a list of the 20 foods you most like to eat.

April 9 – If you could own any type of phone, what phone would you want to own and why?

April 10 – Tell a made up story about a kindergartner and his/her first day having lunch at school.

April 11 – According to Ayn Rand, “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”  What do you think that means and how do you think that applies to you?

April 12 – Explain how you go about washing the car.

April 13 – What type of snack is the best to you.  Use as many details as possible to describe this snack and what it is like when you take your first chomp.

April 14 – If you could be doing something other than recess, what would it be.  Explain why you would rather be doing this other activity.

April 15 – How does it make you feel when you help other people out?  What is it you like most about doing something good?

April 16 – Give three examples of how your teacher helps you.  Give one more way they could help you that they don’t already.

April 17 – Write a short story about a family going to the beach.

April 18 – Abraham Lincons stated, Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Similarly, Martha Washington once stated, “I am determined to be cheerful and happy in whatever situation I may find myself. For I have learned that the greater part of our misery or unhappiness is determined not by our circumstance but by our disposition.”
What do you think these to historical figures are trying to say about happiness and do you agree with these ideas?  Do you have a similar view to Martha Washington?

April 19 – Compare your brain to a book.  Is your brain like an encyclopedia or a picture book, a book of poetry or a math book.  It’s up to you to decide; when you do, write about how your brain and the  type of book you chose are so similar.

April  20 – What is your favorite thing about the end of the school year? Give three reason/examples that help us understand why it is your favorite thing.

April  21 – Tell a story about a time when you were the most relaxed and peaceful.   What were the things that made it seem so chill?  What could have helped to allow it to last longer?

April  23 – What color best expresses your teacher’s personality?   Explain how it is representative of them.

April  24 – Write a paragraph to persuade your parents to let you go on a vacation to Ireland.  Be sure to include important reasons and evidence.

April 25 – What is the best thing about your home?  Why do you like it so much?

April  26 – Make a list of 20 places in Alaska you have been.

April  27 – Explain how you think a microwave works with out researching.  Make up words if you have to, but you may not use any form of the word “Thing” or “Thingy.”  When you are done writing, do a quick search online and see how someone else explained it.

April  28 – Write a letter to a 6th grader explaining the things YOU will miss about them in our class.  If you ARE a 6th grader, write a letter to a 4th or 5th grader explaining what you will miss about them when you leave.  Stay positive and kind when you write.

April  29 – It is the 4th quarter, what is your LEAST favorite thing about this quarter of school. Explain what makes it YOUR LEAST favorite rather than possibilities in the quarter.

April  30 – Write a story about a parent who has to go to work at a job they don’t like.  How do they feel and what do they do?


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