March Prompts

March 1 – Tell a story about a time you got lost or confused.

March 2 – Explain what kind of teacher you would be if you could be a teacher right now.  Give details that prove it.

March 3 – What is your best argument for having electronics at school?  Write a paragraph convincing the principal why they should be allowed.

March 4 – What is your favorite thing to study in history?  Tell why you like it and what makes it so interesting.

March 5 – If you could change something about a family member, what would it be and why?… if your family is perfect, tell what makes them that way to you.

March 6 – Explain the best way to brush your teeth.  Provide details of how you go about getting the job done.

March 7 – Write your argument FOR or AGAINST video games for students at school.

March 8 – Make a list of  the 20 most important words you know associated with airplanes.

March 9 – If you could own any car, what car would you want to own and why?

March 10 – Tell a made up story about a kindergartner and his/her favorite stuffed animal.

March 11 – According to Joseph Campbell, “The privilege of a lifetime is being who you are.”  What do you think that means and how do you think that applies to you?

March 12 – Explain how you go about riding a bike.

March 13 – What type of drink is the most refreshing to you.  Use as many details as possible to describe this drink and what it is like when you take the first sip.

March 14 – If you could be doing something other than this journal entry, what would it be.  Explain why you would rather be doing this other activity.

March 15 – What happens to you when you eat too much pizza?  How long does it take you to get back to feeling normal?

March 16 – Give three examples of how your friend helps you.  Give one more way they could help you that they don’t already.

March 17 – Today is St. Patrick’s Day.  Tell everything you know about this day, it’s origins, traditions, and how you observe the day.

March 18 – According to the inventor Thomas Edison, “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” What do you think that means and do you agree with this idea?

March 19 – Compare your feet to a type of vehicle. Are they sleek and speedy like a race car, old and rusty like a well used truck,  adventurous like and SUV OR something else?  Think about it an make your choice and explain how your feet are like the type of car you chose.

March 20 – What is your favorite thing about spring? Give three reason/examples that help us understand why it is your favorite thing.

March 21 – Tell a story about a time when you had to hurry somewhere.   Did you make it on time?  What could have helped you be able to not be so hurried?

March 23 – What color best expresses your friend’s personality?   Explain how it is representative of them.

March 24 – Write a paragraph to persuade your parents to let you have more responsibilities.  Be sure to include important reasons and evidence.

March 25 – What is the best thing about your school?  Why do you like it so much?

March 26 – Make a list of 20 places you would like to visit when you are older.

March 27 – Explain how you think a fan works with out researching.  Make up words if you have to, but you may not use any form of the word “Thing” or “Thingy.”  When you are done writing, do a quick search online and see how someone else explained it.

March 28 – Write a letter to a 4th grader explaining the things YOU do to be successful in school that a 4th grader might not know how to do but needs to.

March 29 – It is the 4th quarter, what is your favorite thing about this quarter of school. Explain what makes it the better than other things in the quarter.

March 30 – Write a story about a 6th grader on the last day of school.  How do they feel and what do they do?

March 31 – If you could redo your morning, what would you differently.  If it was the perfect morning, explain why.

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