Native Culture Study Assignments & Rubrics

Assignment Description:

Students will be completing a self-guided study of a Native American culture.  This assignment will require students to complete 3 distinct assignments over the course of study.  This is a large assignment, and I have devoted quite a bit of learning time to this project.  Studnets will be working with a partner to complete the 3 assignments.  Work should be done in class, and can also be accomplished at home.

Assignment Components:

  1. Informational Powerpoint (Only Choice for 4th Grade) & Presentation OR PhotoStory with Narration (Possible Choice for 6th Grade and approved 5th graders)
  2. Native American Craft (Shelter, Tool, Clothing, etc.) – Must be approved by Mr. D.
  3. Write a Legend based on what was learned in research.

**NOTE: Students should complete the research & informational presentation prior to starting a craft, and should complete the craft prior to starting to write their legend.

Date Assigned: 9/17/2014 (Wednesday)

Date Due: 10/23/2014 (Thursday)

Assignment Duration: 30 School Days

Assignment Pacing: To stay on track, students should have completed the following steps by these dates: (NOTE: These dates are tentative and may change due to unknown interruptions to our work schedule.)

  • Complete research (9/26/2014)
  • Complete Presentation (10/3/2014)
  • *COMPONENT DUE DATE – Give Presentation (10/6 to 10/9/2014)
  • Begin making craft – Tuesday (10/6/2014)
  • *COMPONENT DUE DATE – Craft complete and presented in class. (10/14/2014)
  • Begin Legend- Tuesday (10/13/2014)
  • *COMPONENT DUE DATE – Ledged completed and turned in (10/23/2014)

Assignment Supporting Documents: