1st Expository Writing Assignment (Due 11/14/14)

ASSIGNMENT: Expository 1-2 Paragraph

Date Assigned: 11/10/14 (Monday)
Date Due: 11/14/14 (Friday)
Number of School Days: 5 Days (In Class)


  • Choose your own expository writing prompt as discussed in class.
  • BRAINSTORM and WRITE a 1-2 paragraph expository piece.
  • Choose & Use a Graphic Organizer.
    • Suggested Organizers are: Information Map Organizer and the Outline Organizer.
    • Use the Writing Process to complete this paper.
    • Turn in all or your organizers and drafts with your final draft.
    • Post your piece to your blog.

Class Check Lists & Rubrics

Graphic Organizers

(We have used the *Information Map Organizer.  6th Grade is encouraged to also use the **Outline Organizer.  The remaining organizers are available to students whose topics may work better with another method of organizing their thinking and willneed special instruction on how to use them.)